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What Do Arizona Homeowners’ Association Fees Cover?

Heather Tawes Nelson

Heather holds an MBA as well as a Masters in International Management...

Heather holds an MBA as well as a Masters in International Management...

Feb 7 4 minutes read

Arizona Homeowners' Association Fees

Homeowners' Associations (HOAs) are quite common in Arizona and prospective homebuyers are often curious as to what Arizona homeowners’ association fees cover.

For people unfamiliar with homeowners' associations, they are entities that help shape and enforce the rules and regulations of the housing communities they oversee and serve.  They can be professionally managed or they can run by a group of the community's residents.

Residents pay HOA fees to offset the costs of running the community, which can include anything from the maintenance of common areas all the way up to the payment of homeowner utilities, like trash, water and/or basic cable.

Understanding HOA Fees

HOA fees on one home could be minimal, less than $100 per year, but in another community, a homeowner could end up paying thousands of dollars per year. Fees are typically paid monthly, but some communities collect them quarterly or annually.

What the fees boil down to is what levels of service and amenities the HOA is offering.  

Below are some examples of things an HOA could cover. These examples are not comprehensive and every community is different, but they should help give you an idea of what to expect when you comparing the monthly HOA fees of Phoenix area homes for sale.

 On the less expensive end of the cost spectrum, many HOAs solely offer “Common Area Maintenance.” This means that HOA fees will cover the care of things like street medians and common areas within the community. Most commonly in Arizona, Common Area Maintenance means that a gardening service has been hired to maintain and manage the community landscaping.

As you move up the cost scale, you start to see other items included, like street maintenance, (repairs for streets within the community are covered). When you get to gated communities and/or neighborhoods with community pools and spas, parks, fitness centers and/or other amenities, HOA fees are more expensive because the overhead of maintaining these perks is higher.

On the most expensive end of the cost spectrum, you will find amenities like full-time guard gated entries and security patrols and/or clubhouses and golf courses. 

You will also see higher HOA fee structures in many of the luxury condo communities in Scottsdale and Phoenix, This is because the HOA fees in these developments include almost all of your utility costs, with the exception of electricity and telecom services, in lieu of you having to pay for them on an a la carte basis.

In multi-family settings or in communities where homes are partially attached, like townhomes, the fees will often cover things like exterior maintenance of the units and a blanket insurance policy for the community.

The good news is that when you review MLS listings in the Greater Phoenix area, you have visibility into the various HOA structures. An entire section of the listing information sheet is dedicated to HOA information, including contact information, whether it is professionally managed, costs, how frequent the payments are, what those payments cover and more.

Still have questions about HOAs in Arizona or want to learn more? Simply call/text us at (480) 209-7843 or contact us. 

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a general discussion on what HOA fees cover in Arizona. Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. For specific HOA questions, please consult your real estate professional or contact the HOA directly. 

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